I've never been a fan of Sailor Chibi Moon, but, I've always loved the pink color on a Sailor Senshi!

[SRB] 07052017


I used to love visiting Japanese-inspired sims, I'm not really sure why I don't anymore!

[SRB] 06042017


Yes, a cute little look today. I've been running around looking like this for a couple of days now, I love this dress and shoes!

[STF] 05172017

  • Moon Elixir - Flower Circlet [Moon Elixir]
  • *barberyumyum*77(brown) (rigged) [DPyumyum]
  • _CD_ Raquel Pattern XIX Dress - Maitreya Lara [Candydoll @ Collabor88]
  • REIGN.- Spring Tassel Wedges - THIGH (MAITREYA-HIGH) [Reign]
  • [Commoner] TidBit Band / White (wear/add) [Commoner]


It's been a while! But, well, Hi.

[STF] 04132017

  • [OMEGA BOTTOM] :FY: Wool Leggings (black) [Marketplace]
  • Eaters Coma x 24K - Pocket Hoodie / HAIR 02 [OFF WHITE] M [Sixty-Nine]
  • fri. - Charity.Boots (Rawhide) [fri.day]
  • Pose: By myself [Marketplace]


The vacation in Greece continues! Today, it's bikini day, and I'm all covered in sand! I love these sand appliers, it's perfect for our vacation!

[STF] 07122016


I had a really crazy couple of months, I SO apologize to my amazing sponsors! I'm going to try and play catch up now! My husband and I are on a SL vacation in Greece, so I'm gooing to be taking a hoard of photos at this place this week, and I plan on wearing every bikini imaginable! It's gonna be good.

Can we also talk about how gorgeous this tattoo/body paint is? This is going to be an all the time thing, I can feel it. I love these so much!

[STF] 07082016


ACK! It's been a while since I last posted! I have good reason though, My mini's family has been on a fantastic SL camping trip, and I've been really wanting to spend this time with them! But, I've had this photo done for a while, and I feel guilty that I'm just now posting it! Event items are the dress from Collabor88, and the hair from The Arcade!

[STF] 03282016