More event items today! I had two versions of this photo, one very light one, and this one. However, this one looked more natural, so I decided to go with this photo instead of the other one! Event items are the sweater/skirt set, and shoes from Uber, hair piece from The Fantasy Collective, and the head applier from Shiny Shabby! Also, today is Halloween! Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it, and may your festivities be safe!

[STF] 10312015


More Uber awesomeness! A lot of these events are ending, so be sure to grab them over the next few days! Dress is from Uber, boots from The Seasons Story, the hairpiece from TAG, and lastly, the face applier from Shiny Shabby!

[STF] 10292015


It's time for Uber again! Soooooo many awesome things! I picked up this fabulous dress and sweater during this round. Unfortunately, it didn't have a Maitreya size, but the Slink size fit well on my Maitreya body! Event items are the dress and sweater from Uber, the hair piece from The Fantasy Collective (a gift in the pumpkins!), and the head applier from Shiny Shabby!

[STF] 10262015


A bunch of older stuff, but it's all still awesome! Not everything has to be new event items alllll the time, right? That being said, the only event items in this post is the skin from Shiny Shabby, and the head wreath from The Fantasy Collective!

[STF] 10252015


A bunch of event items today! Love this new skin applier, and these shoes! Event items are the dress and skin appliers from Shiny Shabby, the shoes from Fameshed, the headband from TAG, and the Hair from Kustom9!

[STF] 10242015


Who's getting ready for Halloween?! This girl! It's coming up so fast! Anyway, event items are The crown from No21, and the jewelry from The Kawaii Project!

[STF] 10222015


Wearing a few of my most favorite items today - these boots, and this hair! Love them both! Event items in this post are from  Kustom9, and Collabor88!

[STF] 10212015


A bunch of event items in this post! I have been going (just a little?) crazy with gacha yard sales and shopping lately! I tried the gacha with the wings only a couple of times because I loved all the items on the key, and got the rare! I was extremely excited! They are SO gorgeous! Event items are from a combination of Collabor88, TAG, and Wayward Halloween!

[STF] 10182015


Just a few event items today, which I am in LOVE with! The skirt/sweater combination can be found at The Chapter Four, and for the hair, I bribed my husband to play a gacha machine for me at The Epiphany. I love the stuff in gachas, but get too angry to play them sometimes, so I tell my husband what I want and he will play it until he gets the item for me... then he'll give everything to me and I have to list them on the marketplace. LOL! Anyway, onto the post!

[STF] 10172015


Something a little simple today, which I picked up at We <3 Roleplay a little bit ago!

[STF] 10162015


Oh my gosh, so many events, so little time! I visited Kustom9 today, and came out with SO much stuff! Not only do you have the normal awesomeness, but this round, it's the second anniversary! Which means: GIFTS! (Well, each "gift" costs 9L, but that's okay!). I'll be sorting through all these for weeks, I know it! Other event items are the boots from The Seasons Story, and the headpiece from We <3 RP!

[STF] 10152015


I went to Collabor88 and came back with some fun stuff! I always look forward to Collabor88, it has some of my favorite designers, and they never disappoint in their creations!

[STF] 10122015


Let's be honest here. I'm wearing a sweater from a men's event, and a head piece from a children's event. However, the sweater is absolutely fabulous (I LOVE sweaters like this), and came in a women's version! As soon as I laid eyes on it, I crossed my fingers that it was unisex, and it was! The headband has a resize script in it, so you can make it fit adults, which is awesome! So, that being said, you can find the gorgeous cabled sweater at TMD, the headpiece at The Play Room, and the hair is still available at The Fantasy Collective!

[STF] 10082015


I have fallen head over heels for this skin from Pink Fuel, and it really temped me to purchase the LOGO mesh head. I wore it on the CATWA head in yesterday's post, but it is equally as stunning on LOGO. Unfortunately, the LOGO demo head does not have Omega applier support, so I purchased the head blindly, really. But, I really fell in love with all the expressions that this head has. I am still, very happy with my purchase of this head! I love it! I also figured that with Omega support, it's a little more universal than my previous blind purchase of TMP head. Event items here are the shirt and shorts from this round of Uber!

[STF] 10062015


I've really been trying to experiment with different mesh heads! I'm really tired of my TMP head, I think it's time for a change. I bought the head like, ages ago thinking (hoping?) that for the price I paid, there might come an emotions HUD or something. I should have known that there would never be an update like that. I really, really, really just want to smile! But anyway! I bought a CATWA mesh head the other day, and I love it!

Pink Fuel also released some skins for the Logo Alex head last night, but a great thing about these skins, is they are Omega compatible, and I decided to try them with the CATWA head, not really thinking much of it. But, I like it! It looks great, I think! I'll eventually buy the Logo head, but I'm kind of put off from it because the demo head does not come Omega compatible. So, I'm not sure if I want to blindly invest in it like I did with TMP.  Anyway, the event item in this post is the cardigan and shirt combo, from Uber!

[STF] 10052015


Sorry about the delay in getting this post up! My husband and I have been busy this week, planning something awesome in SL for tomorrow (you will be able to read it about it on Sai's Random Bloggage soon)! I've actually had this photo ready to go for the past few days, so here it is! The tank top was an awesome group gift, and the joggers are from the No21 event!

[STF] 10032015