ACK! It's been a while since I last posted! I have good reason though, My mini's family has been on a fantastic SL camping trip, and I've been really wanting to spend this time with them! But, I've had this photo done for a while, and I feel guilty that I'm just now posting it! Event items are the dress from Collabor88, and the hair from The Arcade!

[STF] 03282016


A super-simple look today, but I LOVE this location! I'm SO ready for summer! Bring on the beach, lemonade and sunblock, I'm ready! Event items are the shorts from Collabor88, and the hair from The Arcade!



A bunch of event items today! I visited the Arcade, and all the yard sales, there's some awesome stuff this round! Event items are the hair from Whore Couture 5, the fencing from the Home and Garden Expo, the gorgeous leggings from The Dressing Room, the boots are a free gift located at Shiny Shabby, the fruit stand items and the adorable deer is at The Arcade!

[STF] 03042016