There's nothing like checking mails and drinking your coffee in the kitchen every morning! I've also been trying to play around with light projectors in SL on this post as well, I hope I did it right! Event items are the lingerie from 20Twenty (check out the main store to grab the item!), and the hair is from Collabor88!

[STF] 01222016


I'm tired of winter, can I have Spring now? I can't wait to bring out the shorts, cute cardigans, and adorable dresses! A few event items in this post, the jewelry and pose is from 20Twenty (go to the main stores to grab these items at a discount!), the hair is at Tres Chic, and the nail appliers are a group gift!

[STF] 01212016


A lazy day for me today! So I'm going to dress like it in SL, too! Event items are the hair from OMGacha, the super-adorable shorts from The Seasons Story, and the nail appliers are a group gift!

[STF] 01142016


I visited the OMGacha event yesterday (unfortunately, while SL was being a butt), and I came out with a ton of fabulous things! The event items are the dress and sash from OMGacha, the hair from Hairology, and the nail appliers are a group gift!

[STF] 01112016



I'm still getting caught up with all the events I've missed during the holidays, so I really apologize for the lack of event things! So many events to go to, so little time! Story of my life, right? Event item in this post is the top from The Dressing Room!

[STF] 01082016


Sorry for my absence, everyone! My husband and I had a series of RL unfortunate events happen to us which required a emergency road trip/move across the country, and then we had to deal with holiday stuff. We are okay, and everything is fine now, but it's been a emotionally draining and  extremely difficult month for us. I apologize to my readers for my disappearance, and to the amazing stores I blog for. Anyway, enough of that! A light event post today, but we have an item from 20Twenty, which can be found by visiting the main store to grab it!

[STF] 01042016