Lounge-week here at Sai the Fabulous has begun! I only have several more days to go until I go on my RL vacation to visit family, so it's going to be lounge-wear week for Sai in SL! You ready? Well, I am! As for this onesie, I decided I can't go anywhere outside of my home with it on, because everywhere I go - so many people comment on it and want a landmark! Which in all honesty, I don't mind at all! I love this onesie, it's so much fun! I was at a club wearing it, passing landmarks to whoever asked for one, and even got my husband wanting the dog one (he thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever, at first)! LOL! So, yep. We hit the gacha again to get him the dog one. He's been wearing it for like a week now. Anyway, like usual, the event item is the head applier, at Shiny Shabby!

[STF] 11122015


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